lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

The reader

Michael: When I was young I had an affair with Hanna.
Ms. Mather: I'm not sure I can help you, Mr. Berg. And... even if I could, I'm not willing to.
Michael: I was almost sixteen when I took up with her. The affair only lasted a summer, but...
Ms. Mather: But what?.
Michael: ...
Ms. Mather: I see. And did Hanna Schmitz acknowledge the effect she'd had on your life?.
Michael: She'd done much worse to other people.
Ms. Mather: ...
Michael: I've never told anyone.

2 comentarios:

Ada Gavner dijo...

Qué grandísima mierda :(.

Miss you.

noadas dijo...

A mí también me "tocó" esa escena, sin necesidad de acabar la frase explica lo que significó esa mujer para él.